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It is with great pleasure that the AIDS Foundation of South Africa presents you the eLearning system, a platform to advanced learning and sharing. One great strategy that has helped AFSA to implement successful community development projects and roll out community system strengthening programme - is the capacity development programme. This programme has been helped AFSA develop capacity of many of its partner organisations throughout the country. In this regard AFSA has worked to improve the methods of how capacity building programme and/or community system strengthening is delivered. We believed as we live in the age of technology, having a platform that would make it easier for learners and partners to learn and share their experience would be better addition.

On our eLearning platform, our course content experts develop materials that are uploaded on the system and learners are encouraged to enroll for different training online. This means they can study, do their work/assignment from their office desks. Get graded at the end of each course/training and awarded certificates as result of their attendance and passing grade. 

Thank you very much for visiting and being part of our online system. We trust through this, we will contribute to the much needed capacity development of our partners and community members.

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    Picture of Mwenebyake-Jérémie Nyamangyoku
    World AIDS Day - 1st December 2016
    by Mwenebyake-Jérémie Nyamangyoku - Monday, 15 January 2018, 12:39 PM

    Hi friends and comrades, the day is around the corner... the World's AIDS Day which will be celebrated on the 1st of December 2016. As usual the AIDS Foundation of South Africa will be fully involved on this day and activities are planned. There will be campaigns outing and mass mobilisation with...

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    Picture of Mwenebyake-Jérémie Nyamangyoku
    HIV won’t end without gay community – Sir Elton John told journalists at the International Aids Conference in Durban
    by Mwenebyake-Jérémie Nyamangyoku - Tuesday, 15 November 2016, 2:42 PM

    elton john aids conference
    Sir Elton John announces partnership with PEPFAR at the 21st International AIDS Conference

    Sir Elton John believes that the spread of HIV will not be curbed unless everyone is drawn into the battle – gay and lesbian groups included.

    “No one ...

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